Hygiene Spray Sport

To sanitize and eliminate bad odors

Perfect for deep sanitizing and maintaining your sports equipment (yoga accessories, pilates, boxing gloves, helmets, shoes and sports mats ...)

Composition: >30% water, 5% organic agents microorganisms EU Group 1, oil, lemon Bergamot fragrance, preservatives.

karyo sport shoe spray

Easy to use and naturally effective

In a few sprays, it cleans better and longer

This product is made of natural ingredients and is environmentally friendly.

Karyo Hygiene Spray Sport is an ecological product that, thanks to the added probiotics, breaks down undesirable organic residues (dirt, organic matter) on textiles and all materials.

By introducing healthy microflora, it provides long-lasting hygiene and a healthy environment for the user. Eliminates bad odors at the source without masking them. Reduces allergens.

Simple, efficient and ecological

An all-in-one natural product that is naturally effective

Instructions: Shake before use and spray directly into the air, onto textiles or surfaces. Leave on or wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

Composition: >30% water, 5% organic agents microorganisms EU Group 1, oil, lemon Bergamot fragrance, preservatives.

Recommendations: Do not use in combination with other products (risk of destroying the active probiotics). Do not ingest. Keep in a dry place between 10°C and 30°C and out of reach of children.

Hygiene spray sport yoga mat

Always at hand

Take it everywhere with you thanks to its nomadic format

An ideal 100ml size that fits perfectly in your gym bag, without weighing it down. At the end of your session, just a few sprays on your equipment to keep it clean and healthy in an ecological way.

For use on : Wood, marble, leather, fabrics, wool & cashmere, stainless steel...

Before cleaning:

Dirt, bacteria (good and bad) and allergens are found on the surface and deep down.

After chemical detergents :
After Karyo® probiotics:

Decomposes dirt, bacteria and allergens

A healthy and protective environment for 72 hours

After cleaning with the usual chemical detergents, only surface dirt is removed... Bad bacteria and allergens are still present.

They give the impression that the surface or textile is clean thanks to their surface action and camouflaging odors.

Probiotics work differently. They feed on dirt, bad bacteria and allergens by breaking them down both on the surface and deep down!

Moreover, probiotics remain active for 72 hours, preventing pathogens (dirt, bad bacteria, allergens, ...) from recolonizing the surface.

Probiotics, essential oils and that's it

Karyo solutions are radically pure

Hygiene Spray Sport does not contain surfactants (surface active agents). It is an eco-responsible solution that breaks down organic residues on all surfaces and textiles thanks to ingredients of natural origin and biodegradable.

Its use is simple, just spray directly on the surfaces and wipe with a microfiber cloth. For textiles, spray and let the product dry for about 10 minutes.

The probiotics take care of the rest for 72 hours!

Karyo - Natural cleansing products with probiotics and lemongrass-min
Safe for you, your loved ones and the planet
A cleaner that is safe to use and breathe

It can be used close to the respiratory tract (to sanitize reusable masks for example).

Its safety has been proven by air quality laboratories. It contains no toxins or allergens and emits no toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

It is effective for the treatment of air and ventilation systems (VMC, indoor or car air conditioning, air purifier filters, ...). The bacteria in Hygiene Spray are also effective against bad odors.

The 7 values of Hygiene Spray

Recycled plastic

All bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.


Forget dangerous chemicals, use nature itself.


All our ingredients are recognized by nature and therefore 100% biodegradable.


Our products are safe for people, animals and the planet.


Only natural and easily absorbed ingredients.


Respect of the environment by avoiding the use of fossil plastic.


We do not use any animal or animal by-products in our cleaning products.