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Cleaning and disinfection: paradigm shift for the future?

The advent of probiotics in cleaning!

What if we propagated billions of beneficial bacteria to cover our surfaces by creating a natural protective microflora, rather than destroying these same bacteria with disinfectant detergent?

The majority of the cleaning products we use every day contain chemical agents that destroy everything in their path. They disturb the microbial balance in addition to creating an unhealthy environment for the inhabitants and polluting the environment.

The other way around, probiotics s help to promote life by spreading beneficial strains of micro-organisms to fight bad bacteria, dirt and odors at the source.

After use, when the bacteria used in our products are released into the environment, they actively contribute to the purification of water and the preservation of a natural microbial balance.

In short, probiotics not only respect the environment, they also protect it!

Our probiotic cleaners contain beneficial bacteria, they are alive and need food to live. They feed on dirt and the biofilm in which harmful bacteria and viruses live. With each spray, billions of beneficial bacteria are released and instantly begin to do their work.

Deprived of their space and food by the probiotics (good bacteria), bad bacteria cannot grow.

We use 5 specific patented strains of bacteria:

  • 1 strain to destroy the biofilm,
  • 1 strain that secretes edible enzymes,
  • 2 strains known to starve bad bacteria,
  • 1 strain that accelerates odor decomposition

This combination ensures continuous deep cleaning.

Indeed, our karyo cleaning products ensure a long-term cleaning. Bacteria feed on other bacteria and secrete enzymes that will reduce dirt by breaking it down, where conventional cleaning will have limits on joints, microcracks, odors ...

When you use karyo products on a daily basis, they make your home a healthy environment for all its inhabitants.

Karyo cleaning products have many benefits:

  1. Their beneficial bacteria provide continuous cleaning against dirt and odors, while depositing protective microflora on surfaces
  2. Their neutral pH allows a use on all surfaces (even fragile)
  3. Versatile, Hygiene Spray replaces all the cleaning products needed for home maintenance
  4. Skin friendly, no need to wear gloves
  5. They have anti-allergic properties and are safe for the respiratory tract

Now you can clean your home from floor to ceiling and say goodbye to bad odors, without any harmful consequences for your family, your pets and the planet.

Where traditionally, daily cleaning and disinfection are only a superposition of layers of chemical-based disinfectant, unbalancing the microbial balance and creating biofilm in the end, the formulas of the products karyo use only natural 100% assets:

Composition: >30% water, <5% organic agents microorganisms EU Group 1 , oil, bergamot/citronella fragrance, preservatives

Composed of beneficial microorganisms, better known as probiotics and 100% ecological ingredients, our solutions, intended for the cleaning of all surfaces and textiles, clean in depth while optimizing the biological balance and thus decreasing the risk of bacterial contaminations.

Our products are biodegradable, they do not hide bad odors but eliminate the molecules that are responsible for them in an active way. Moreover, they are, of course, guaranteed safe for all living beings and for the environment.

No need to try to decipher a long list of ingredients, everything in our products is 100% natural and organic and safe for the whole family to use, including pets.

The marketing around traditional cleaning products tends to present bacteria as public enemy number one. They must be killed, crushed, eradicated!

While the chemicals claim kill 99.9% of bacteria (good and bad), the researchers found that surfaces are recontaminated very quickly after cleaning.

" About 30 to 60 minutes after the use of chemical disinfectantsThe amount of microbial contamination returns to exactly the same level as before the use of chemical cleaning products," explains Elisabetta Caselli, Associate Professor and Chair of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Ferrara in Italy.

In her study, she also found that not only were probiotic cleansers effective, but they also helped reduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals. 

Antibiotic resistance, where bacteria evolve to protect themselves from biocides, has long been a major concern of scientists. And it could be exacerbated because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the increased use of chemical cleaners, says Elisabetta Caselli. 

This could, in turn, pave the way for "a future pandemic of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms," she says. "The use of probiotics could prevent this potential risk."

If you want to protect the health of yourself, your children and your pets, switch to probiotic cleansers!

Probiotics play a role a key role in protecting your home environment by forming a defensive barrier against pathogenic invaders, making your home safer, cleaner and healthier

Probiotics clean better and last longer than chemical cleaners. They contain no harmful ingredients and are safe to use on all surfaces in your home, even the most delicate.

Our advice is to stop using all other cleaners (even natural and green ones) once you start cleaning with probiotics. Traditional cleaners work by killing 99.9% of bacteria. They can't make a difference between harmful and beneficial bacteriaSo if you use them with our probiotic cleansers, you'll kill both the good and the bad bacteria.

The more you use probiotics, the more beneficial bacteria will be present throughout your homeThis makes cleaning easier (dirt and dust stick to the surface less) and provides continuous protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Every time you use chemicals, you destroy the good bacteria!

When probiotic bacteria are in balance in any environment, they perform the following functions: 

  • Eliminate harmful bacteria 
  • Produce enzymes to inhibit bad bacteria 
  • Create an unfavorable environment for bad bacteria

Yes, our products are pH neutral and contain no artificial fragrances or chemicals, so they are safe for your skin. No need to wear gloves.

The safety of karyo products has been proven by air quality laboratories. They contain no toxins or allergens and do not no toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Karyo products are effective for the treatment of air and ventilation systems (CMV, indoor and car air conditioning, air purifiers filters...)

Thanks to its anti-allergic properties, Karyo Hygiene Spray is very effective in eliminating allergens caused by all organic matter such as pet hair, dust, pollen and dust mites (spray every morning on bedding).

It can be used close to the respiratory tract (to sanitize reusable masks for example).

Yes, they have a neutral pH and are therefore safe for all surfaces, including varnished and porous surfaces (glass, granite, marble, wood, stainless steel, tiles, concrete, laminates and formica).

Karyo products are made from live bacteria and can be stored for 2 years at a temperature between 5 and 30°.

The bacteria used in our products are class 1 according to the World Health Organization (non-pathogenic for humans and animals) and are considered as harmless to humans.

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